Lean Management

Lean Management software packages provide tools for real-time data collection, optimised job order management, reporting, warning, escalation and production management control.

Productivity Investigator

Maximizing the throughput on a manufacturing line is a critical factor for success in any operation. Productivity Investigator provides a complete set of tools to enable you to detect, investigate, pinpoint and then eliminate the causes of lost opportunity using historical reporting, data mining tools and the facility to monitor the on-going live productivity and schedule adherence metrics in real-time. This is the ideal tool for six-sigma and continuous improvement &qout;Kaizen" projects.

Real-Time Management

Just looking across a production floor, it is difficult to know what is actually going on and what needs attention. The Real-Time Management package shows the complete picture in real-time of what is going on in your factory enabling the best management decisions to be made in a timely manner. Reacting quickly as situations and issues develop is a key factor for success.

Job-Order Management

Today's manufacturing environment requires precise and immediate control and action. The ability to dynamically adjust production work-flow based on the changing demand from the customer is an essential, yet complex area in manufacturing today. This is now a differentiating factor for success of a business.

The Job-Order Management package provides all of the tools required to manage the entire shop floor in real-time. This starts with the real-time live view, automated detection and resolution process of issues as they occur, plus unique job-flow optimization tools applied to the live manufacturing process condition. Being able to balance the issues of job size, change-over time, best equipment utilization making micro-alterations on a frequent basis ensures maximum asset utilization. This package contains the essential elements needed to manage out inefficiencies that creep in as model mix or demand changes.

Changeover Controller

An opportunity to revolutionize the way changeovers take place. For low and medium volume manufactures, changeover time is the main factor to influence overall efficiency. Without compromising machine programs or feeder layout, Changeover Controller can eliminate almost all of the wasted time taken to perform the changeover process.

Careful control based on real-time feedback from the machines manages resources turning a changeover from a "series of jobs", to a "parallel set of tasks". This Grand Prix "Pit Stop" approach enables changeovers to be achieved on any line in a small fraction of the time that normally would be taken enabling you to make the most of your current machines and existing workforce.

Process Assurance

Providing all of the key ingredients for equipment maintenance management, together with advanced Lean Maintenance concepts and integration.


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